Thursday, July 3, 2008

About 'katak' and 'barua' at Dewan Rakyat...

JUST take a look at our lawmakers.

Yesterday was filled-up with temperament, heated argument and calling names.

Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas) and Karpal Singh (DAP-Bkt Gelugor) managed to bring some colors to the Dewan Rakyat with their overheated argument.

It all stemmed out from the suspension imposed on Karpal’s son Govind Singh Deo. The confusion was about whether or not Govind has apologised to Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Amin informed the house that Govind had apologised but the first-term opposition member said he had merely shown courtesy, saying "Sorry to trouble you".

Govind had insisted on speaking when asked to sit down on Monday. He was ejected with the help of house security staff. After suspension, he met the media in the lobby and made comments which backbenchers deemed belittled the chair.

The house spent 30 minutes to discuss the matter when Ibrahim demanded an explanation from the Speaker.

Then, the drama started with Karpal calling Ibrahim ‘katak’ (for his passion for party-hopping) and the latter shouting ‘barua’ (pimp) at Karpal.

Funny, huh? But that’s what our lawmakers are made of. No wonder there were calls for a full live telecast of the entire seating. Let the rakyat who voted for these jokers get to know them even better.


elviza said...

Dear Friend,

Appalling is an understatement for this shouting match televised on prime news last night. I was watching it with my two year old who kept repeating the word "katak" after the news.

Tell me again, why did we send these kind of characters to the august House?

Anonymous said...

i know a lot of frogs in the dewan rakyat. nothing special about them, except for their odd attire and look.

Anonymous said...


why not ask karpal to bugger brahim ali? setel!

penternak katak

Anonymous said...

bagus la mcm ni. dewan rakyat makin meriah.

tapi kan ke elok disiarkan secara langsung, boleh gak rakyat tumpang gelak (kalau boleh gelak laaa)

- anok klate di negori sembilan

dr lokman said...

apa nak heran. karpal dan ibrahim ali memang jenis tak berguna, menyemakkan dewan rakyat. dua2 bodoh sombong.

kakilanyak said...

that's all about the opposition and independent, clawing at each other.

they got no issue to debate, hence created a chaos to gain attention.

let them 'bugger' each other, better!

cikgu ipin said...

that katak is a barua
that barua is also a katak.

so, both are equal. its entertaining to have them in the dewan rakyat as most of our lawmakers speak the same thing. pretty boring

loganathan, kajang said...

kah kah kah kah kah all i can say.

they, too, want some attention since altantuya and anwar take centre stage.

sang kelembai said...

kita cuma tunggu bila agaknya YB2 kita nak bertumbuk dan baling kerusi dalam dewan, macam kat china, korea, taiwan dan negara lain.

dan alangkah bestnya kalau adegan seperti ini dipertontonkan kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia.

setakat perang mulut, dah lumrah di mana-mana.

kot2 satu hari nanti ada bom pulak meletup dalam dewan.

mr zamboanga said...


anak silabas!

sameon said...

karpal and ibrahim ali are made for each other. ever since both entered the dewan in early 80s, they came up with silly and nasty manner although ibrahim was a BN MP then.