Monday, June 30, 2008

Who is shifting to Jln Bellamy?

Bloggers and friends. Please check this out.

The news is - some lorries were seen ferrying sofas and other furnitures from an official residence of a high-ranking leader in Putrajaya, to a government banglo-quarters in Jalan Bellamy, behind Istana Negara.

This started about a week ago.

"Obviously they are not buying new furnitures. The directive was to shift... bit by bit...," says an official who is one the leader's special officers.

Please dont ask me who laaaar!


Anonymous said...

Ni tanya ker atau Soal ? -Jantan Giler

Anonymous said...

siapa yang pindah?

pak lah ke?

elok la dia prepare awal-awal!

Anonymous said...

for all that we know, only paklah can move to jln bellamy.

i think he will move in pretty soon.