Friday, June 27, 2008

Which project is our top priority?

Development projects will have to be reprioritized, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when presenting the mid-term review of the 9th Malaysia Plan at the Dewan Rakyat on Thursday.

He, however, denied allegations that projects such as the monorail and the outer-ring road in Penang will be scrapped. “We will shelve it temporarily,” he said after announcing an additional injection of RM30 billion for development programs.

Both Penang projects are expected to cost RM3.3 billion. Plus another project in Kuala Lumpur, the sum to be saved is about RM3.8 billion.

This decision was lamented by the oppositions as 'a punishment' to the Penangites for chosing Pakatan Rakyat as their new government in the 12th general elections in March.

EPU director-general Sulaiman Mahbob said the government will spend RM230 billion on roads, bridges and other works in the 2006-to-2010 period, which is 15 per cent more than the original forecast, due to the hike in building material prices.

So, it looks like Scomi Engineering will have to wait until the project is clear for bidding. Other parties also eyeing for it are Malaysian Resources Corp. and Melewar Industrial Group Bhd.

The government will, instead, spend an additional RM1 billion each for Sarawak and Sabah.

An additional RM10 billion is for five special investment zones (which many say will only affordable to foreigners, deprive the Bumiputeras of the lands and will lead to the influx of foreign workers), RM3 billion for food security programs and RM3 billion for a strategic investment fund.

At the same time, spending on low-cost housing, rural infrastructure and public transport will increase.

However, there was no explanation as to why projects like the electrified double-tracking rail development led by Gamuda and MMC in Perak, and another one to be built by Ircon Intl in Johor will proceed.

As for a project to transfer water from Pahang to Selangor, it is a necessity to meet the rising demand of clean water for the booming region.

Bank Negara said in March that the budget deficit is seen to narrow to 3.2 per cent of GDP by 2010 from 3.6 per cent in 2005, compared with the 3.4 per cent estimated earlier. This will total RM21.6 billion this year or about 3.1 per cent of GDP.

Deputy premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the additional spending will be funded by savings totaling RM13 billion from a revamp of the government's fuel subsidies, and possible ‘external loans’.

What ‘external loans’, he refused to elaborate.


Anonymous said...

project priority is for KJ, kali and his cronies, of course

hashim said...

The Seremban-JB, Electrification dual railway track is a jv between Scomi and Ircon, as such Kamaulludin is still getting a big chunk of the cakes handed out by his father. perhaps the monorail pjoject was shelf to enable Scomi to concentrate on this mega railway track.

Anonymous said...

the government should give priority to measures that can improve living quality, rather than building a lot of infrastructures which are meant for foreign participation. the rural folks need just the right tool to survive, how to get through hardship caused by increasing prices of daily goods, how to manage their kids education bills, etc. roads and schools are essential but they are now more concern about what to eat, matching their low income with the price of rice, flour and sugar that goes up without control. please improve the rakyat's income first before talking about too many development corridors which will only benefit the same group of rich people.

Anonymous said...

hashim is right. everything is about scomi and ircon, kamaludin and kj and kali the wakaliwalik!

usop sontorian

Anonymous said...

kerajaan ni dah tak tau mana keutamaan. main hentam keromo je. yang kaya bertambah kaya, yang miskin makin tersepit.

umum projek berbilion-bilion tapi yang mengecap nikmat cuma kawan2 dia, syarikat yang sama dan pelabur yang sama.

piirrraaaah mabuk!

Anonymous said...

RM3b untuk makanan.

duit ni elok kalau digunakan untuk menyuburkan semula sawah padi terbiar di seluruh negara.

adakah kerajaan sedar dengan cara menjadikan negara ini 'self-sufficient' dan mengurangkan import beras, kita akan dapat menjimatkan lebih banyak wang dan membantu rakyat meningkatkan taraf hidup?

petani makin miskin