Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you, ASP Natirah

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ASP Siti Natirah, the SIO (senior investigating officer) of Ibupejabat Polis Ampang for releasing my 21-year old nephew on police bail, yesterday evening.

This boy was involved in a brawl (just threw 2 or 3 punches) at his yourger sister's 'boyfriend' whom she just knew for 2 months. This 'abang' didnt want her to get sucked into unhealthy activities as her 'boyfriend' refuses to tell what he does and where he stays. Afterall, the kind of friends around him are not the types we approved.

When I was involved in preparing reports for 'Suruhanjaya Diraja Mengenai Penambahbaikan Perkhidmatan Polis' about 4 years ago, among the contents and suggestions were for police officers to use their discretion in handling cases similar to this one.

Police officers must be fair, attentive and wise in dealing with youths involved in minor crimes as they have many more years ahead of them to improve and becoming good citizens.

Although Natirah locked him up for 2 nights in Ampang (a good lesson for Hafiz), she finally 'agreed' that this boy must have his own solid reason to do so. The other party who lodged the police report, too, is believed to be carried away by emotions.

We need many more officers like ASP Natirah of Ampang (whom I met at Pandan Indah Police Station) on Wednesday. Crime is common but we cannot make someone as a criminal for a minor and silly mistake he commits.

For ASP Natirah, thanks again.


Anonymous said...

siapa ASP natirah ni?

is she pretty?


tabik puan!

Anonymous said...

i read the royal commission reports, too.

it also suggested the police force NOT TO REMAND youths involved in minor offence.

if we take into account the number of cases, i think all police lockups in the country will be packed up with youngsters everyday.

what the police should do is to call his next of kin from both sides to the station, discuss and advise them, make them shake hands and go home.

many youths are rebellious. u lock him up today for minor offense, he will come back to your lock up with multiple cases.

maybe natirah is right, maybe wrong. she shouldnt have put your nephew in the lockup in the first place.

Anonymous said...

anggota polis sewajarnya menggunakan budi bicara dalam menangani kes remaja seperti ini.

saya rasa jalan terbaik ialah berunding dengan pihak-pihak yang terbabit dalam kes sekecil ini.

saya tak berapa setuju dengan penahanan hafiz selama 2 malam.laporan pihak yang lagi satu itu mungkin diperbesar-besarkan kerana sakit hati.

adakah ASP natirah sudah menyiasat pihak yang lagi satu ini?

bekas IO

Rocky's Bru said...

Cun la Natirah. Macam cousin saya yang bernama Naterah.

Gua ingat lu yang kena cekup beb.

Rocky's Bru said...

Cun la Natirah. Macam cousin saya yang bernama Naterah.

Gua ingat lu yang kena cekup beb.

Anonymous said...

Silly or not, the fists must not be used unless for self defence. Youths should be taught diplomacy and tactic. Hope this incident won't happen again. Try say sorry, forgive and forget, brotherhood way. Just for this one.

- Real Bouncer