Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sorry to GLC bosses, Sabah 4x4 & bsnes for Govt servant...

Sorry to GLC bosses
Prime Minister said the Government did not agree with the proposed 100 per cent pay rise for top guns of its GLC.

OK what! What would be their basic salary now, minus allowances and other extras? RM15,000? RM20,000? or RM25,000

They deserve the pay rise, all right but at this time around - when 80 per cent of their staff and the rest or the Malaysians are getting poorer due to the hike in fuel prices and daily goods, 5-10 per cent should be reasonable (maybe).

Face the fact. When the MPs are being imposed a 10pc cuts to their allowances, why should you get so much, just because the Government appointed you there.

Please remember this. You lots are political appointees (this include group editors, editor-in-chief and chairman of the local newspapers).

P/S... wonder why Dr Zety left this lots?

Sabah 4 x 4
The Government said the rebates for fuel will be extended to owners of 4x4 in Sabah and Sarawak.

Such vehicles with up to 3000cc are eligible for rebate-for-oil.

Why now? Just because SAPP (BN's component in Sabah) is causing a stir to the coalition? Hope not!

Excuse me...

Business for Government servants
It was a good announcement, indeed, that Government servants, in particular those of the low income group, can now do business as an avenue to earn extras.

We laud this move. However, is there a guarantee that those of the super-scale grades will not also take up this opportunity?

We have heard much about some senior government officials, including Datuks, were awarded low-cost houses under DBKL and other local councils.

And what about those outside the civil and private payrolls, especially those who have applied licences from the local councils? Many applications are still pending and many were rejected.

Talk about being impartial. Are we sure that our hardcore poor rate is below 3 per cent? Could it be more after all these gruelsome predicament the rakyat gotta face?

Our petty traders are finding it difficult to survive in this kind of environment. If we let, say... about 300,000 low-income members of the public sector to join them, BOLEH PENGSAN BEB!


Anonymous said...

again... govt propaganda.

u r rite, bujai. if we let everybody in the public sector to do business, what's there left for those who really cari makan as petty traders? at anytime, senior officials can take part also. just give some capital to their staff to run the show for them.

this is not the right way to overcome the problems of rising living standards. paklah should first look around and observe for himself how many malaysians are still 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang'.

another thing, how to ensure that those given the opportunity to to business can really attend to office work? if one operates a makan stall until 2 or 3am, can he or she perform at work?

find other solutions laaa!!!

Anonymous said...

bro bujai,
are you hitting at NSTP bosses who were once your good friends?

hahahahaaha! i know laaa!!!

anyway, THEY MUST GO as well!

x-pixman NST

Anonymous said...

GOOD la if govt servants can do business. Why not let everybody in the public sector to do so? Better what! Cuepacs seems to be so happy with it. They can start selling anything they wish, including the country to Singapore

pendekar jasin, melaka

Anonymous said...

kami sokong bos-bos GLC tak naik gaji. kami pekerja TNB pun susah naik gaji.

boleh blah la dengan orang atasan ni!


Anonymous said...

This is a late comment but better late than never...FYI, CEO TNB salary is 65K a month, 1.2mil annually as published in their annual report. CFO salary is 45K a month... Go figure, even if the increment is a mere 3% ( what the top mgt offered TNB employees for their salary review) they still make more than most of us hoi polloi.

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