Monday, June 16, 2008

Rebates... rebates.... rebates!

Isnt it nice to see long queues at the postal offices nationwide? The last time we observed such a scenario was at the National Registration Office, more than a year ago.

Now, they queue-up for that rebate-for-fuel - RM625 and RM150. By simple calculation, a private car owner gets about RM50 per month (pls note that a Kancil needs RM88 for a full tank. If you stay in Keramat and work in PJ, it will dry up in 4-5 days)

I was talking to a few friends at the Corus Hotel, Ampang, last nite, of whom 2 are bankers.

Lemme put it this way.

If the government has to park RM4 billion (some say its gonna be RM8b) at the Postal Dept as a method to disburse that rebates to the rakyat, who will get the benefit out of it?

With that 4b, my bankers friends say they can easily chalk up RM4-6 million daily on inside tradings.

Just make it an average RM5m per day.
RM5m x 20 (average 20 working days p/mnth) = 100m p/mnth
RM100m x 12 mnths = RM1.2 billion

Gosh... that's a lot of money, enough for someone's retirement.

Unfortunately, its not ours anyway.

Pssssst! (who got the largest interest in the Postal Dept?) U got the answer, friends?


Anonymous said...

heee heee heee who else but the hee haw man.tambah kenyang le

GobloKing said... gotta understand this..

where we worry about cost of fuel, others (less fortunate) have to worry about the price of jet fuel

where we worry about the price of putting food on the table, others have to deal with the cost of having the lawn mowed in Perth

Let's be tolerant.

Anonymous said...

my 2005 kancil, 850 auto needs only RM66 to fill up. urs must be the old one?