Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Minister and his non-MP party president...

I went to Parcel D, Putrajaya at 8am today for an appointment with a Minister. With me was a friend wanting to get a letter of support for his business proposal.

We met the same minister at the Parliament during Dewan Rakyat seatings last three weeks. We were told that he would look into the matter before coming out with such a letter.

Actually, the proposal didnt ask any sen from the government. In fact, the previous minister and deputy were very supportive of it as it was meant to assist the Federal Government in developing Iskandar Malaysia in Johor.

So, this new minister, I suppose, should be able to continue what his predecessor had done. Afterall, its a PFI (private funding initiative) project.

And today, after waiting for 40 minutes, his political-secretary told us that his boss was engaged in an official function.

Fine... but what about the letter he promised us at the Parliament?

"Sorry, he has referred it to Datuk Seri &838(*&*@*!!!..., our party president for approval. You have to wait until next week," he said.


His party president is no longer a Member of Parliament or as a member of the Cabinet. What has he gotta do with ministerial decisions?

Even the president's former press-secretary (when he was a senior minister) is now serving this new minister and at the same time has to shuttle between the ministry and the party HQ to attend to the president's orders.

Now Datuk! You are a minister. If you think your president dictates you, may as well you step down, ask Pak Lah to make your president a senator and give away the job to him.

If you cannot decide on small matters, including non-legal binding letter of support, you better resign from office. Your press-sec can run it for you.

As for the party president, we understand how difficult it is to stay on top without holding a Cabinet portfolio since your have been there for so many years.

My advise to the president, you better start something new. You cant be there forever. You are actually finished after the 12th general elections. What else do you want in life as you are already filthy rich.

Go buy yourself an island, build a castle...and rot there!


Anonymous said...

Bro Bujai,

I guess you were pointing out at Human Resources Minister Subramaniam and his boss Samy Vellu.

Am I right?

If so, both of them should share the same house, same of everything.

Anonymous said...

better kick him out, whoever he is. People like this cannot perform. If he continues to seek approval from him boss or others, he better BUNGKUS!

Anonymous said...

bujai. biasa la. pak lah pun mintak pendapat orang lain sebelum buat sesuatu keputusan.
dia pun berkiblatkan singapura yang tak ada kaitan dengan kita.
kalau u maksudkan menteri itu orang MIC atau MCA, dah lumrah.
yang pasti, orang macam ni tak layak jadi anggota kabinet. suruh ternak lembu lagi elok

Anonymous said...

This thing about letter of recommendation from Minister or Mp or Aduns just went out of fashion especially since the Pakatan Rakyat made their presence felt.

Working papers or proposals should be looked into base on their merit and not letters of recommendation.

Many years ago a friend applied for a Petronas station dealership.
There were a few other contenders
Tan Sris, datuks, all with very
strong letters of recommendation.
My friend had none.

Petronas gave it to my friend since
he has the basic qualification required and also experience in petroleum product handling, an obvious advantage.

I dont know the present Petronas.


Anonymous said...


I think a few other Cabinet members are such.

Anonymous said...

I read in this chedet blog that Malaysia is the only bolihland in the world where other races were given citizenship and rights? Well I am not sure about that, can someone tell me where this Obama guy is from? kelvin from Australia, Nani from portugal? Henry from france? Happy Euro 2008. Shoot first.

Anonymous said...

Ha..ha.. ha.. mungkim you silap , bukan rujuk pada Parti President skrg nie kot.Jawatan kementerian itu dikhaskan untuk parti komponent BN.Selama 3 generasi menteri(bukan dari UMNO) terpaksa mengikut telunjuk generasi menteri yg pertama.Semua biz kementerian disapu berseh oleh puak generasi yg pertama sehingga kini. Masaalah nya SS itu tu telah lama berkhidmat dgn 3 generasi menteri sehingga kini. Tapi yg pelik nya , puak puak nie pulak yg kerap menuduh Melayu UMNO kuat rasuah sedang mereka adalah little Nepolean di kementerian.Nasib dan cerita kita serupa brader. -Jantan Giler-

Jebat berTUAH said...

Re Surat Sokongan/Support Letter - I agree it's not worth anything.

However, last week I went to DBKL at J.Raja Laut to apply to rent a shoplot...the first question that I was asked despite submitting a Working Paper 5weeks earlier was..."Permohonan Encik ni dapat sokongan siapa?".

So how?