Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you really care, anyway?

They say Pak Lah's days are numbered. You think so?

You think SAPP decision to push a vote of no
confidence against him next week will change
the country's political scenario?

When Pairin Kitingan took PBS out of BN in early 90s,
was there a change of 'heart' among the BN leaders?

Anwar wants to be a Prime Minister too. If
he contest the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary
constituency (to be vacated by Tan Sri Khalid
Ibrahim), what's his possibility of winning?
If he lose, what's next for the Pakatan Rakyat
dream to rule the country?

Now that the rakyat is feeling 'depressed' by
the hike in oil and consumer items prices,
you think they care much about what's gonna
happen at the top?

They are too busy making ends meet, bro,
trying to earn extra RM to survive.

Maybe Pak Lah is getting unpopular for his
decision to increase fuel prices but he
is still the legitimate premier. He still
get strong support.

Anwar is strong too, in his own style and
domain but until he sharpens his tools,
nothing is gonna happen.

The rakyat dont feel the burden if the
government change hands. Their only concern
is how and what to feed their families.
Nobody will come to their rescue if their
babies cry all-night long for a bottle
of milk.

You think, they really care about the
political tussle? How about you, bro?


Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...


Anonymous said...

hang memang betoi. dalam keadaan skg ni, rakyat lebih pening dengan kenaikan harga barang. paklah dan kwn2 dia tak rasa sgt pasai depa semua bnyk duit. kalau barang depa sendiri yang tak naik, agaknya barulah depa risau.

mangkuk hayun

Anonymous said...

no time to think about it, my friend. like you mentioned, we are too busy to make ends meet

linda castaway

Anonymous said...

prime minister - pak lah
second PM - najib
third PM - anwar
1st dep PM - muhyidin
2nd dep PM - ku li
3rd dep PM - wan azizah
4th dep PM - kit siang

ok ka ini macam? kerajaan campuran. takda la berbalah lagi.

ikan todak

Bintulu said...

Be careful with your spelling bro!

It's not SUPP but SAPP.

SUPP - Sarawak United People Party
SAPP - Sabah Progressive Party

SUPP is lead by George Chan who yesterday says the party support Pak Lah and SAPP is led by Yong Teck Lee.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you that malaysians are getting pist off with politics. what is there in politics if they find it more difficult to live in this country. when the leaders are too busy with their tug-of-war, the people are made to pay for the price.

Anonymous said...

All we need is a good government with good governance; doesn't matter who governs

Anon 3.55PM

Anonymous said...


Crazy when ppl can still defended Dollah when he is clearly the most stupid Prime Minister we ever had.

Why there should be transfer of party? Umno ppl or BN component should topple him and plant a new PM.

For such a GREAT JOURNALIST, u r very short sighted.

hampeh betul!!!!

talking tongues said...

Hi Bujai, saya orang Melaka jugak!

I agree with you that the primary concern of the rakyat is how and what to feed the family, but I don't quite agree that is their only concern.

With so many unjust incidents involving the the police, the AG office, corrupt politicians, the politician suspected of murder, the exceptional gas price inflation,etc etc, I think they do care! But really, there is nothing much they can do now.

While we wait for the next opportunity, we must spread the words and the news as wide as possible, educate those void of access to the truth in meantime. Don't you think so?