Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kuan Yew can't take opposition

LEE Kuan Yew said Singapore opposition would ruin the wealthy city-state's achievements in five years if they ever gained power, according to reports.

The republic's founding father, now 84, also warned Singapore voters against putting the opposition at the helm of government 'in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness' when they get bored at some point in the future.

Should this happen, "I think all bets are off because in five years they (opposition) can ruin this place," he told delegates at an international forum in Singapore late Wednesday.

He stressed that, unlike many other countries, Singapore did not have natural resources such as oil, gas, forests, timber and aluminium.

Why worry? Singapore has got only two seats in a parliament .
His PAP is one of the most successive ruling parties in the world and was never confronted with any street protests like Malaysia.

The Minister Mentor, too, should not worry if such an event takes place in the country. Just across the Johor Straits, some of his good friends are not only willing to listen but to share their wealth with the Republic.

This friendly nation is also rich with natural resources like rubber, palm oil and petroleum. Why not?

Afterall, that's what friends are for... sharing... and have ears for each other.

The next thing we know, the people across the Straits will also be called Singaporeans. What's wrong with that!


ShokorBotak said...

Alamak Brother,
1. LKW dah cakap NOT LIKE MALAYSIA having a street protes. Teruk sangat ker Malaysia nie....
2. Bodoh sangat ker orang-orang Malaysia nie....
3. Dulu masa TDM tak banyak cakap org tua nie..cakap banyak pasal ma;aysia kena belun.
4. and now with our current PM cam nie banyak pulak cakap dia org nie ya pasal negara yg kita cintai..

Anonymous said...


watch your words, bro.

LKY is much better than any m'sian leaders in managing the republic.

i could sense your jealousy!

bedok, singapore

Anonymous said...

who is this sue-ann of bedok, singapore? do you realise that it was malaysia all these while that FEEDS your economy?

if malaysian leaders refused to collaborate with your republic right from the very beginning, you would be nothing, except your seaport.

even that, you are already losing out to our port of tanjung pelepas.

i wish our government just demolish the causeway and the bridge!

Anonymous said...

Do not over rate LKY. Ruling Singapore with a tightfist and then having his son to replace him,has made Singapore what it is today. As Anon 6.13 says, if Malaysia closed its doors to singapore, it would be nothing. So, don't try to show off to Malaysia. We do agree not all our politicians are as tight-fisted as LYK, if they are, we would outshine Singapore.
I think LYK is worried stiff opposition will take over and show that it can still maintain its standard without a tight-fist rule.

Anonymous said...

hello malaysians!

at least hsien loong rose to what he is today thru hard work, strong determination and right vision.

his father is a former prime minister, alright but he never took advantage of it, unlike hishamudin and najib who earned their political tickets on their fathers popularity.

if you know nothing about singapore, please do not comment at all.

mamat keranji

Anonymous said...

baginda sultan johor memang betul apabila berkata adalah baiknya jika tambak johor diruntuhkan!

singapura memang angkuh. entah berapa banyak dibayar kepada pemimpin malaysia untuk pulau batu putih. berapa banyak pula dibayar kepada juri-juri mahkamah antarabangsa untuk memastikan mereka menang kes ini.

pemimpin malaysia pun cukup lemah, tunduk kepada kemahuan singapura.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know how great a hero LKY is pls visit Singapore Democratic Party website...there's nothing great about this absolute dictator. Tun Mahathir is an angel if you compare with LKY.

Maybe DAP and Anwar would like to be LKY fan club.

Anonymous said...

LKY is a dictator. when he lamented dr mahathir as one for ruling malaysia for 22 years, he is even worst than marcos!