Sunday, June 29, 2008


Datuk Najib has advised Datuk Nazri Aziz and members of the BBC to stop bickering over the media issue.

However, Nazri was 'not very nice' when he described as 'an act of gangsterism' those (BBC members) who removed 'barricades' which shooed away members of the Press at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday.

Calling it a 'minor issue', Najib said it was not healthy that members of the ruling BN had to argue over nothing.

It was nothing, alright, that the Press almost called it a boycott.

Let's make easier this time, folks. Dont shy away from the lobby. The only thing that you guys need to do (in concensus) is to impose a blackout on Nazri.

We dont honour stuck-up politicians who only acknowledge the significant of the Press when it comes to protecting their interest or during elections.

Anything that he wants to tell the public, let him write-in from now on. Even that, its up to the editors to decide.

We did that during the 80's on a senior minister...


Anonymous said...

i agree with your suggestion to impose a blackout on nazri and those involved. a good lesson is necessary

x-journalist, bernama

Anonymous said...


nazri is such an arrogant minister. imposing a blanket on him is good but paklah must do something in the interest of the Press. if he just let his ministers to take up matters in their own hands, paklah will be paying for this, eventually.

penyokong press freedom

shastrishah said...


you are right! We dont want arrogant and corrupt leaders like him. And not even discreet about it. Ask him aboiut his big business in Kelantan. And look at the car he's using! U don't buy that kind of car unless U have millions in the bank or someone sponsors it for you to use! i'll be writing about it in my blog MEDIA WATCH. I'll post it later today. Drop by at TQ and keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Montori macam ni pun masih ado lai kek msia ni. Den tengok rato-rato, orang macam ni tak puas-puas dengan publisiti murahan. Lobih elok dio tutup mulut. Den tengok boss nombor dua dia pun dah suruh dio sonyap. Tak roti lai ko?

pahit manis