Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eric Chia was a saviour

Tan Sri Eric Chia, 74, passed away on June 24 after winning his court case about a year ago.

I am sure many will visit and pay their last respect to this man, who deserves it better than anybody else during his time.

From nothing, he became the CEO of UMW and took over the ailing Perwaja in 1988. Tun Mahathir's government made the right choice by choosing him then as no Bumiputera businessmen had the passion and guts to turnaround the loss-making steel conglomerate.

The late Eric Chia may have had his good and bad days at Perwaja but Malaysians could, at least, thank him for what he has done to the government entity.

Rest in peace, Eric.


azlan said...

Yes, even from zero to hero and back to zero. Started his business from small then stepped to corporate ladder. He even sold his core bussines to PNB, in order to give ways and opportunities for bumiputeras to be trained in corporate organisation.

samhass said...

I had on a few occasions listen to him while having coffee at his Park Avenue Hotel about his beginnings, the people who helped him through his early days, how he made his first million etc. He's a nice guy especially to his loyal staff. He's very fond of keroncong music as it reminds him of his early days sleeping in a fish market near a Malay restaurant that plays keroncong music, up until now, Park Avenue has an Indonesian resident band. His life story should make a good memoir. Goodbye Eric Chia.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to work with Eric Chia and had found him to be a good and caring person. He has his own traits due to his early upbringings to the working world and how he value people whom he works with. It is sad to lose a person like him even though he has contributed so much to this economy.

HighFlyer said...


After the tsunami in Kota Kuala Muda in Dec 2004, the mosque needed a lot of repair. There was some money allocated by UMNO. However, because of the red tape and other problems, the repair had not been done after a few months. Upon learning this, the late Tan Sri Eric Chia donated rm30000 if Im not mistaken. An old woman came to shake his hand and thank him. He said, "just go back and pray and thank allah."

Anonymous said...

tan sri eric chia was a good man, a true malaysian. those who had worked with him will agree that he was not someone who talk about race, religion and colors when it comes to sharing the benefit of his businesses.

Boh Tong said...

He was our favourite passenger.