Friday, June 13, 2008

Do you really need an agreement?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he has reached an agreement with his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak that the latter will take over the premiership when the time comes.

As to when Najib will take on the baton, nobody knows.

Which means, Pak Lah will hand over the Umno Presidency seat to Najib first, prior to making him the next prime minister.

But what agreement has taken place between this two? Does Najib need such an 'agreement' before taking over as head of party and government?

Is it similar to what Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah agreed upon in late 2003 before the switchover? Let's not elaborate on this as only Tun and Pak Lah have got the answer.

In return, what will Pak Lah get? A chairmanship in Petronas? Or Proton? Or as an adviser to the government?

Come what may...


Rocky's Bru said...


Good to have another seasoned journo in blogosphere!

As for the agreement between the two, well ... I believe Abdullah will make himself the Senior Minister of Malaysia or even Mentor Minister.

That way, he'll keep Najib and the other in line.

Our PM is a keen student of Singapore politics so don't be surprised ..

Thanks, and happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Of course you need an agreement especially working out which contract belongs to whom and when to last, right? Example would be like this;

NAR: This year the defence budget will still be decided and belongs to me, also you cannot scrap the National Service okay?

PAK: Okay no problem but you must let me last until at least 2 of the corridor is finish, the Iskanda in Johore and the Kedah corridor is 100% mine. You can take the other corridor but the Sabah and Sarawak corridor must be share with me 50-50 even after I step down.

NAR: I have no problem but after you step down and if you die early I also want Jane to be my 2nd wife okay?

PAK: Cannot, Jane is my true love but I can give you the Tongkat Ali garden than Jane help me to grow.

Abang Joe

ShokorBotak said...


I agreed with Rocky, Pak Lah nak jadi cam LKY of s'pore - Senior Minister. Najib will be a BONEKA.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bros, heheh..wat can I say cept PLah will b in Australia aftr stepping down,..given asylum by Australia being d self elected sheriff of Asia and also a crime partner of US of A..PLah is jst d messenger for d illuminatus but bro AnWar is d executioner for d plan of d illuminatus i.e New World Order..wat can I say..heheh..another conspiracy theory...(",) u decide..


Conspiracy Theorist said...


ur on my blog list as i find ur writing and article extremely gud..heheh..wat can I say..(",)


GobloKing said...

Like your site. Thanks to Rocky for pointing me over.

as for "agreement"

What is this s**t? Why is the agreement "secret"?

Are we a secret society? Cut rooster head, drink blood, swear to secrecy??

Or will announcing the time & plan to step down going to destabilize the country?

Don't lah announce there is a "plan" but with nary a detail!

What? Announce..for the sake of "looking like we have a plan" & "trust us. we know what we're doing"

Or do they consider Malaysia their "territory", their asset?

Even in a secret society, key members of the triad would sit down to nominate their next leader; and not like this case "agreement between 2 gentlemen"

Keep on going like this Dear Wise Leaders...we the Rakyat will surely continue to support you!