Friday, June 20, 2008

BN still need SAPP... and Mukhriz

SAPP will remain in Barisan Nasional. That's
what Pak Lah said after chairing the ruling party's
special meeting yesterday.

The component party will not 'be punished' for
wanting to move a vote of no confidence
against the Prime Minister at the Dewan Rakyat
next Monday.

SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee will, instead,
face disciplinary actions (not amounting to
sacking or suspension?) by the BN
supreme council.

Yong made a mistake here.

Why? Dewan Rakyat speaker Datuk Pandikar Amin Mulia
will not allow such a motion to take place on

Rather than announcing SAPP's plan to move
that vote of no confidence, may as well he calls
for a press conference to announce his party's
decision to QUIT Barisan Nasional.

And on Pak Lah's side, why cant they just accept
the fact that SAPP no longer fit to be one
of its 14 components?

If someone already avows that he doesn't trust
your leadership, why must you keep him? Dont you
think this will become a DURI DALAM DAGING in BN?

SAPP is not 'very contributing' to BN, anyway.
Getting rid of it will cause BN no harm.

Or is it difficult to take action against Yong,
just like Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir case?

No guts, maybe. Or BN still need these people
around for 'special reasons'.

Afterall, its your call!


Anonymous said...

They cannot afford to hilang any seats la ... what else .. weak Goverment like that la . Anyone can play with their asses and they cant do anything about it .

Anonymous said...


finally, u r in......


Anonymous said...

yes, they should expel SAPP instead of making them feel BN cannot survive without them.

i dont support the present govt but if paklah cannot overcome such a minor hiccup to the party, susah mau cakap laaaa!

Anonymous said...

bujai, SAPP and mukhriz are 2 different issues. the only similarity is that, paklah dont have GUTS to deal with it.

malaysia needs a firm leader who can decide like what dr mahathir did. not someone who's undecided over so many things.

i hold nothing against paklah or the new govt but paklah gotta take a right stand on certain issues, not letting others who got nothing to do with the administration to dictate him.

dont u think so?