Friday, June 20, 2008

Makal Sakthi to rally June 22

The Makal Sakthi movement of Hindraf plans
another public rally on Sunday June 22, 9am at
the MIC headquarters in KL.

Announcement or invitation was made via SMS to the public,
saying that all Malaysians were invited, regardless
of race and religions.

The SMS reads "On the 22nd June (Sunday) at 9am,
Makal Sakhthi is gathering at our MIC building to change the leadership
because we have lost UAB Bank, Bank Buruh, Vanto
(Academy), Tumbuk Estate, Maika Shares, South
Indian Labour Fund and also may lose AIMST
College Pacific Oriental Ins.

"All this took place during the present MIC leadership.
Do we still need this type of leaders? Enough!"

It did not add TAFE College, one of the most sensitive
issue to the Malaysian Indians, in respect to its land
status. In other words, the land ownership is one of
many issues yet to be addressed by the leadership,
including Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu.

Another issue, who killed state assemblyman Datuk
S Krishnasamy? Is the hitman also related to
MIC top figures?

The rally, they said, will go on, with or without
police permit.


Baron Strawberrymunchen said...

Fairly relevant. And explosive. Someone has finally put it on record officially.


Palanivel: Dr M should remember his roots

MIC deputy president G Palanivel today slammed former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for accusing the party's long term chief S Samy Vellu of being a racist and warned such statements could fan deeper racial sentiments.

In a statement released today, Palanivel also said that the former prime minister's comments on Hindraf were short in accuracy and insensitive to the sentiment of Indians in the country.

"It is sad to note that Mahathir is not aware of the fact that Hindraf is not only made of Tamil people but includes many non-Tamil and even non-Hindus.

"He (Mahathir) is wrong when he said Hindraf leaders only represent Tamil racists," said Palanivel in defence to Samy Vellu who has recently joined in the bandwagon in advocating for the release of five Hindraf leaders detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

G. Palanivel also said Mahathir should look into "his own roots" before manifesting such statements. Mahathir's forefathers are from South India.

Anonymous said...

Idont support Hindraf .
It's a lost caused
to me hindraf = LTTE