Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Malay organisation

I received an SMS from Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas, Dato' Ibrahim Ali yesterday. It reads:

"Demi perjuangan bangsa Melayu kita, dengan hormatnya dijemput ke mesyuarat penaja bagi PERTUBUHAN PRIBUMI PRIHATIN MALAYSIA pada hari Ahad, 29 Jun 2008 jam 4 ptg, di restoran Pha Pha Garden, Klang Gate Baru, Taman Melawati, Ulu Klang.

Semoga dapat datang dan ajaklah kawan-kawan yang bersemangat untuk membela Melayu yang kian terpinggir dan tertindas di bumi sendiri.

Dato' Ibrahim Ali, MP Pasir Mas

I didnt have any idea what this 'pertubuhan' is going to be. Obviously it is non-political. Could it be like any other 'hardcore' organisations speaking for the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks and Kadazans?

Be there, if you are concern and sensitive enough for the Malays' plight.


Anonymous said...


ambo gaso nok gi gok tapi ambok dok jauh, di tumpat.

ambo sokong la usoho pok heng tu tapi bia keno jadi la. jange locak memano pulok!

Anonymous said...

if brahim ali does it for the good cause of the malays, we hope many will turn up on that particular day.
we believe it is not a hardcore organisation as its duty is to find ways to redress the imbalances between the malays and non-malays.
furthermore, such a move should be seen as another effort to bring all malays together. it is a fact that the disparity gap between the malays and the non-malays are widening, thus summoning us to correct it in a more cohesive manner. this is what we can describe as a ticking 'time-bomb'. we dont it to burst before our faces, arent we? after 50 years of Independence, the Malays are still have to depend much on government's subsidy. if their economy is on a strong footing, all malaysians can compete in a healthier manner.

Apakaupeduli said...

Buang masa saja tu. Baik keje buat duit.